Monday, May 12, 2008

Skateboard are great!!

so i been designing skateboards these days. it has been a lot of fun. I almost feel like a real illustrator. just a bit. Here is all the boards i done so far, the first one is called "skull society" which i posted before the other two are new that i finish this weekend. one is called "dream killerz" and it just has all the type of people who can kill of dreams or goals in life, and the other one was just having fun trying to make it really graphic simple cartoon style. i wanted to use a lot of bright color. well hope you like, tell me what you think. bye 4 now

edit: I did a new deck, hope you like. bye 4 now

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

skateboard and sketches!!!

i am posting my first skateboard design of a company me and my friends are opening up, the company name is ZOOMUNKIE (look out for it). this was a lot of and i will be designing more very soon. (2nd drawing) i went to the society of illustrator today and these were sketches of people on the train. it is funny how many people sleep on the train and also one guy was mad at me for drawing him (guess who i am talking about.)
(3nd drawing) this is just some quick sketches i did when i was just sitting at my drawing table. hope you like. bye 4 now