Monday, December 17, 2007

viking and a business man trying to be a farmer !!!

so i been playing around with designing characters, i really wanted to keep the simple shape clear in each character i think it shows most on the viking guy. also i been playing around with coloring my work using a colored ink style i like how it look. but the scanner does not like scanning to many lines so it loses a lot of its color, but it is still cool. well hope you all like tell me what you think, bye 4 now

Monday, December 10, 2007

some sketches :)

i been gone for a while so i had to post something. so i did a little santa drawing for fun nothing to crazy, in this drawing i wanted to play with pen and ink and texture, so i went crazy with the brush and pen hope you like. My mentor Martin Wittig draw a lovely naked woman with a big butt on his blog so i like how she look, so i tried my hands on drawing her and i was happy on how she came out, you can tell it is the same woman but two different looks. well hope you all like, tell me what you think bye 4 now

Edit: i did a little color on the woman drawing, bring me back to my graphic design roots.