Thursday, April 24, 2008

new work and fun times!!!!

so things are looking up now, i sent a few people i now and respect the samples of my children's book and i got great reviews so i wrote a full story and i am illustrating it now and it is very fun, i am thinking when i finish the book i might self publish it i don't know yet. Also last weekend i went to the NY Comic con and showed off my work. the people i showed really like my work and thought that i should draw children book's. i also got to meet one of my fav. artist Jose lopez and he was great guy, he gave me great advice on how to give my work some more life and a character design tip. also the last drawing is a drawing i did for art jumble and the topic was Marlo Meekins (who is a great artist, she is just amazing check out her work) well thats it for now, hope you guys like what i did tell me what you think. bye 4 now

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

children's book samples "EDWORD"

I alway wanted to make a living drawing, i want to be a character designer but i love doing graphic design too, then i thought how about children's books. i have found a new love, here i can combine them both, i have been designing tee-shirts and logos for years now and it is great but designing character is just love and fun and creating the world they live in is ever better. i hate drawing backgrounds but when i am creating them for my characters it feels great, i love telling a story in a image, there is something magical about it. well here is my first try at making a children's book, i made a sample of 4 pages about this kid name "Edword" and this cute monster world he lives in, now there is nothing big just a plan story, it was just to see if i can do it and i like it. tell me what you think, if anybody see this blog of nines. well bye 4 now.