Saturday, November 22, 2008

to draw or not to draw!!!!!

so here is a drawing i did, i sent this and a few other drawing to the annual society of illustrator show for submission and guess what, i did not make it. i was really hoping i would make it and maybe this would be the start of my drawing career, i guess not. I been drawing a comic book for this writer and it was cool and maybe that will get pick up, but now i work as a guy to make sure that whatever graphic design send to print i fix it to the right size. this is a job that is ok but i feel a monkey can do it and the hour are very long and i start in the middle of the day and don't leave to very late at night. It is very hard to be someone who wants to design and draw without knowing someone or getting a lucky break. I am a self taught guy that never went to a famous art school or even college, i don't have friends that draw or even like to draw, i learned everything i know from books and the internet and the few times i met a artist and showed me something i studied it (martin witting is probably the only artist to ever show me something and i really honor that man for taking time to show me things.) i am 26 now and i at the point where do i stop trying to be a design/artist or be account or something else. i know if i got my shot that i would make it. i am a hard worker and i work well in team and by myself, i want to learn more to be better. i have a very simple dream, i want to wake up every morning and design and draw, have a living doing it and see it apart of something. well here i am just bitching and crying, poor me story, it can be worst. well bye 4 now

p.s. i would like to say happy birthday to my father. His birthday was the 20th. i miss my father a lot he died almost 2 and half year ago. Happy Birthday POPS!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

been gone for a while part 2

So i know i been gone for a while again, but i have been busy working on a couple of things. so here are a few things in my sketchbook. i have another wall street type drawing, like the one's i did last post and a bus stop drawing that i just play around with. these are what i do on a sunday when i draw from myself and just have fun. well hope you like tell me what you think, bye 4 now.