Friday, June 20, 2008

Comics,subway, and fun!!!!!

No skateboards this time, just some old fashion drawing and a little comic strip. So my friend wanted to do a little comic strip, so he wrote it and I illustrated it. i went with a really simple line drawing just with a little texture in the background to make it pop. It is ok i think on my behalf but it was fun to do. I like riding on the subway and drawing people, i do this all the time when i am on the train, so here are a few drawing i did a few days ago. and last is a general type guy i came up with today just drawing around in the good old sketchbook, you know i can't call my sketch book old, i normal finish a sketchbook every two-three months now. well hope you like, tell me what you think. bye 4 now

Edit: I like the general character so i colored him for fun....

Monday, June 2, 2008

skateboard and a lil dump!!!

So here is another skateboard design and just a few guys i sketch up a while ago. well hope you, tell me what you think. bye 4 now.

edit: i just finish a new skateboard,check it out. bye 4 now