Thursday, August 30, 2007

Skull, monsters, and a nerd. Gotta love it!!!!!

So I been a little busy drawing designs for tee-shirts, it is fun and i really need the money. it is hard out here in this world trying to make a living as a person who loves to draw (artist), but you can't give up. well the skull drawing is somethig i did for fun, drawing evil and wild thing is something i love to draw, i guess it lets out those inner demons. there is a creature holding a gun just came up with it a few nights ago, there is this fury monster i came up with up so i could render the hair like that, it is cool but it takes a long time. and the superhero dude is just a old comic book fan at a con that i came up with a while ago. hope you guy's like tell me what you think. bye 4 now

Friday, August 17, 2007

So here are some drawing i had for a while. the first one was done for a jam pieace between me and my friend, i am still waiting to see what he is going to do. the other drawing was done for Mike Wieringo, just a little something a fan can do for one of his supporters. the next one's are just sketches, the fish and squid drawing is something i drawn today at my kitchen table while my mother was making a seafood dish. while hope you like, tell me what you guys think. bye 4 now

Monday, August 13, 2007

A Legend has left us, the last, great Mike Wieringo.

I was blog surfing tonight when i saw the headline that Comic book artist Mike Wieringo passed away. i am shock and very sadden by this, Mike was one of my idols. He was just amazing to me, i never met him but i feel like a family member has left me. He was a artist that was truth to himself and craft. he will be miss, rest in peace Mike, all your fans miss you and a little piece of all of us died with him today, but he will live on though his work, the stories of others, and what he did for the comic art world.
Bye 4 now my friend.

Mike Wieringo