Sunday, December 28, 2008

old watercolors and subway sketches....

Here are some watercolor sketches i was doing, trying to learn something new and having fun. also here are some more subway sketch that i really love to do but ever if my scanner mess up the drawing, but i am so busy at this new job, that i really dont have time to do anything. well hope you like tell me what you think, if anyone ever see my blog. well bye 4 now....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

some more graphic design stuff!!!!

the first thing is just having fun with vectors, my logo and some themes. Next i had this drawing i did a while ago and i since i been doing some type of graphic element stuff, i wanted to put them together and this is what you get. well hope you like tell me what you think. bye 4 now

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

graphic design stuff when it is slow!!!!

So here are some things i did for fun, mostly when it is slow at work i do these lil design stuff for fun. the new job is cool and it is close to home. well hope you guys out there like these designs. bye 4 now

Saturday, November 22, 2008

to draw or not to draw!!!!!

so here is a drawing i did, i sent this and a few other drawing to the annual society of illustrator show for submission and guess what, i did not make it. i was really hoping i would make it and maybe this would be the start of my drawing career, i guess not. I been drawing a comic book for this writer and it was cool and maybe that will get pick up, but now i work as a guy to make sure that whatever graphic design send to print i fix it to the right size. this is a job that is ok but i feel a monkey can do it and the hour are very long and i start in the middle of the day and don't leave to very late at night. It is very hard to be someone who wants to design and draw without knowing someone or getting a lucky break. I am a self taught guy that never went to a famous art school or even college, i don't have friends that draw or even like to draw, i learned everything i know from books and the internet and the few times i met a artist and showed me something i studied it (martin witting is probably the only artist to ever show me something and i really honor that man for taking time to show me things.) i am 26 now and i at the point where do i stop trying to be a design/artist or be account or something else. i know if i got my shot that i would make it. i am a hard worker and i work well in team and by myself, i want to learn more to be better. i have a very simple dream, i want to wake up every morning and design and draw, have a living doing it and see it apart of something. well here i am just bitching and crying, poor me story, it can be worst. well bye 4 now

p.s. i would like to say happy birthday to my father. His birthday was the 20th. i miss my father a lot he died almost 2 and half year ago. Happy Birthday POPS!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

been gone for a while part 2

So i know i been gone for a while again, but i have been busy working on a couple of things. so here are a few things in my sketchbook. i have another wall street type drawing, like the one's i did last post and a bus stop drawing that i just play around with. these are what i do on a sunday when i draw from myself and just have fun. well hope you like tell me what you think, bye 4 now.

Friday, October 17, 2008

been gone for a while.

i knew i been gone for a while, been really busy doing some designs and now i am working on a comic book on my free time. i been drawing a lot and i will be showing some more soon. well here is a lil drawing i did for fun. hope you like, bye 4 now.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

something new

been drawing a lot trying new things, i came up with these two drawings for fun, hopefully i can use them for something, maybe a skateboard. well hope you like tell me what you think, if anyone comes to my blog. well bye 4 now

Friday, August 22, 2008

having fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having fun again, another fake book cover and a asian like drawing using some of my graphic design background. also there just a page in my sketchbook. well hope you like bye 4 now.

PS. I hate to say this but i have to say rest in peace to one of the greatest artist of all time Carlos Meglia. You lost hurts the soul of the world...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

80th post!! in de face

This is my 80th post, wow how time goes, so i was designing circus people for fun and i wanted to turn it into a fake book cover or album, so here it is, hope you like bye 4 now

Monday, July 28, 2008

sketchbook stuff, some metro...

So here i am with another post, just stuff i had in the sketchbook and two pages of the good old Metro-north sketchbook. well hope you like and thank you for all the comments people write to me it means a lot. well bye 4 now

Saturday, July 12, 2008

BX22 and Metro North sketches !!!!!

So i been gone for a while so here are some drawings. i am working this summer for a camp teaching kids graphic design and web design at Pace university, so the job is killing me because the job is so far from where i live, so basically i wake up to go to work and take a long trip up there, so i draw while i am on the train. i been doing this for a while and i have to say i love it, so the only really drawing i get to do are these sketches. i remember when i started drawing i never wanted to draw people and that's all i draw, then i said i would never draw realistic and some of those sketches are pretty realistic looking but i still push there shapes around, i am happy the way things are going. well hope you like, tell me what you think. bye 4 now

Friday, June 20, 2008

Comics,subway, and fun!!!!!

No skateboards this time, just some old fashion drawing and a little comic strip. So my friend wanted to do a little comic strip, so he wrote it and I illustrated it. i went with a really simple line drawing just with a little texture in the background to make it pop. It is ok i think on my behalf but it was fun to do. I like riding on the subway and drawing people, i do this all the time when i am on the train, so here are a few drawing i did a few days ago. and last is a general type guy i came up with today just drawing around in the good old sketchbook, you know i can't call my sketch book old, i normal finish a sketchbook every two-three months now. well hope you like, tell me what you think. bye 4 now

Edit: I like the general character so i colored him for fun....

Monday, June 2, 2008

skateboard and a lil dump!!!

So here is another skateboard design and just a few guys i sketch up a while ago. well hope you, tell me what you think. bye 4 now.

edit: i just finish a new skateboard,check it out. bye 4 now

Monday, May 12, 2008

Skateboard are great!!

so i been designing skateboards these days. it has been a lot of fun. I almost feel like a real illustrator. just a bit. Here is all the boards i done so far, the first one is called "skull society" which i posted before the other two are new that i finish this weekend. one is called "dream killerz" and it just has all the type of people who can kill of dreams or goals in life, and the other one was just having fun trying to make it really graphic simple cartoon style. i wanted to use a lot of bright color. well hope you like, tell me what you think. bye 4 now

edit: I did a new deck, hope you like. bye 4 now

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

skateboard and sketches!!!

i am posting my first skateboard design of a company me and my friends are opening up, the company name is ZOOMUNKIE (look out for it). this was a lot of and i will be designing more very soon. (2nd drawing) i went to the society of illustrator today and these were sketches of people on the train. it is funny how many people sleep on the train and also one guy was mad at me for drawing him (guess who i am talking about.)
(3nd drawing) this is just some quick sketches i did when i was just sitting at my drawing table. hope you like. bye 4 now

Thursday, April 24, 2008

new work and fun times!!!!

so things are looking up now, i sent a few people i now and respect the samples of my children's book and i got great reviews so i wrote a full story and i am illustrating it now and it is very fun, i am thinking when i finish the book i might self publish it i don't know yet. Also last weekend i went to the NY Comic con and showed off my work. the people i showed really like my work and thought that i should draw children book's. i also got to meet one of my fav. artist Jose lopez and he was great guy, he gave me great advice on how to give my work some more life and a character design tip. also the last drawing is a drawing i did for art jumble and the topic was Marlo Meekins (who is a great artist, she is just amazing check out her work) well thats it for now, hope you guys like what i did tell me what you think. bye 4 now