Thursday, June 28, 2007

a fake Ratatouille poster

Here are two new drawings i did for fun. the second drawing was none in my sketchbook just having fun with pens, the color piece is something i did to show my love for the new Pixar movie Ratatouille so i came up with a little fake poster, i just came up with this Chef who looks like a young Mario Batali with the orange shoes. i just can't wait to see this movie, i have the " art of Ratatouille" book and it is great, this was my first art of books and since them i have been getting all the books i can on this subject matter. this book and the open season book are the best. the surf's up book is really great to, if your a background type of person the surf's up book is the one to get, also open season, but the character design section is amazing in open season. these two books also showed me more of the great carter goodrich, that guy is amazing. well here is another long post but i hope you like and thank you to all the great people who look at my blog, bye 4 now.

PS. i would like to dedicate this post to one of the character designers on this flim the late, great Dan Lee 1969-2005.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

graffiti, MOCCA,Bluesky artist, traveling sketchbook, and Baseball!!!

Here are some things i was working on. i saw on shane prigmore blog that he came up with some baseball players, so i thought that would be fun to draw so i draw a player late that night at around 2:00 in the morning and the other drawings come from my little sketchbook, it is my travel sketchbook and these were draw that i did on the train or playing around at like 2:00 in morning again. maybe i should always draw in the late night. also today i went to the MOCCA event and met a gang of great guy's like Michael Knapp ( who is really kickass artist), Vincent and Peter Nguyen (these two guys make drawing seem so easy), Robert Mackenzie ( who is just amazing and really cool), Willie Real (who is amazing, cool, and gave me some great tips to grow as a artist), and Nash Dunnigan ( who i have so much in common with and had a really long and fun talk with about Graffiti). It was also amazing to see how so many artist love and know so much about graffiti art. see, i started drawing because of graffiti and it is in my blood, just love it and what it stands for, freedom and love of art. well today was a long post but i hope you guys like the story and my work. bye 4 now

Monday, June 18, 2007

the united nations of characters by me!!!!!!!!!

Here are some drawings i did for fun. the 1st page are some characters i created when watching TV or blog surfing, just having good old fun. the other page is some jewish men i came up when i was watching TV, i was watching Fit Club and Dustin from save by the bell and it hit me, i would like to draw him and i thought i will draw him like a rabbi but i did not want it to look just like him so i took what i like and add more to please me. also i give him a friend because we all need friends. well hope you like bye 4 now

Thursday, June 14, 2007

back with the oldies

i am back but this is some old stuff, i just put somethings together. this is just a little lineup of character from a made up project of mines called happy life. hope you guys like bye 4 now

Thursday, June 7, 2007

sorry for not posting but iam still here!!!!!!!

sorry for the lack of posting just waiting for my new computer, the old one just died. but i been drawing like crazy, and me not having a computer i think help me because i just went paper pencil crazy and learned alot about drawing and being loose, having fun, also pushing design. thanks to everyone for the commnet. i am always amaze when people i respect like my work, i hope one day to make a living drawing and designing, it is just hard for a studio or companies to pay attention to your work, but when i get comments from you great people out there it makes me work harder to reach my dreams. so with that i have to say a big thank you to all, and hope you all reach your goal and dreams. bye 4 now my friends.